Traditionalist attitudes

I don’t know how I come off to people who I meet. I would hope I come off as creative and friendly. Anything further than that is brilliant.

I wanted to write this blog because sometimes I feel like giving in. Sometimes I feel like not speaking out about how I feel, or about the issues that need changing in order for it not to be a shock that I’m a developer. Sometimes adversity and people’s beliefs are hard to change, and that kicks you in the gut. Sometimes it feels gross that this causes you pain or an emotional reaction and it shouldn’t. I should never feel like, within reason, I shouldn’t publish an emotional thought or a blog that is too womanly. I wrote this blog because I know what it feels like to be alone, and I know that having read other people’s writing similar to my thoughts. counteracts that feeling in some way. So I’m publishing this to let anyone else out there know that sometimes I feel like crap. Sometimes I want to give in. And sometimes people closest to me are the ones who need to change the most in order for me being who I am, and doing what I love, to become the norm. And that is not something to ever be ashamed of.