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An update on Refactor #2000 (and refactor 2001)

In a previous blog post I hashed out my thoughts on my current system, why I needed to change it and what I thought I should change it to. At that point my thoughts were going along the route of what kinds of structures I'd used back in Computer Science first year, and I immediately jumped for a li...

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Using Github effectively on a self project

Recently I've spent around 3 or so months solidly working on my Final Year Project. It's quite interesting seeing certain styles of my own development change and develop over time. Most obviously, the changes in how I work on this fall into 2 categories, 1 of which is the way I use source code cont...

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Refactor #20000: how to organise muh notes

I preface this blog with a warning that I am mostly writing this to get my head around or find a data type to fit my latest problem, and thus you will probably find it boring. There's been several points during the last few days where I've suddenly had a wakeup call and gone "NO, NO I CAN'T DO IT TH...

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