Training on call newbies

Recently my team established a first and second line support mechanism at work. Essentially, the idea is to address the need to train newer or lesser experienced people on the team for being on call on their own. During work there will be one person on first line who should take any tickets or requests to the team for support and do their best to answer the need. If there’s anything that person cannot handle they should either throw it over the fence to the second line support person, or ask them for help/links to documentation. Here’s some of the things that my week of first line support highlighted, and as work continues hopefully I’ll update this post with tips for avoiding it or fixing it.

Speaker writers block

One of my aims for this year is to have done a professional talk at a conference on something I actually work on.

Rewriting my road trip app

This is another rehash post where I mention an app I wrote poorly to try to improve my life and we discuss why it was bad and how I’ve totally rewritten it. I guess this is what I do in my free time so that I don’t do it professionally. Rewriting an entire app in the latest greatest framework at work is generally a bad thing.

Meal planner, revisited

About a year ago I wrote about screen scraping the BBC Good Food website. That turned out to be a lot harder than I initially thought and needless to say there’s so much ambiguity in the data people are able to enter on there that I gave up.

Stop trying to make fetch happen, or why I take issue with fixation on Google

Recently my dad emailed me the following news article.