Stop trying to make fetch happen, or why I take issue with fixation on Google

Recently my dad emailed me the following news article.

Learning the cello

At age 9 I started the clarinet. My eldest sister started the flute several years before, my middle sister started the saxophone, so the final non-double reeded woodwind instrument fitted the pattern. At age 11 I started the saxophone. They’re fairly similar, in fact parts of them use the same finger patterns to create the same notes. I also started the piano which took more brain power but soon fitted in. At age 16 I was doing A level music so got a free music lesson with the local music service. At this time I’d already switched to private lessons given they provided better quality, so I picked up a new instrument - the cello.

Microbit battleship

I’m pretty much done with my microbit implementation of Battleship.

The thing(s) I hate about phones

In the last 5 years I’ve been through 4 different phones. First I had a blackberry for two years, then a nexus 5, then a nexus 5x, and finally, an iPhone 7. The nexus 5/5x moves weren’t really my choice - my nexus 5 was stolen from my grasp in third year (that sucked a lot) and then Autumn 2016 I was stupid enough to cycle with my bag open and my 5x flew out and went thwack on the pavement.

I tried to carry on my microbit project...

But I got bored. So I decided I’m going to write microbit battleship instead. Part of it is probably that I’ve never actually played Werewolf but the other part is having oodles of free time right now makes my attention span even shorter. Anyhow, I think Battleship gives as much scope for radio use so we’ll see how it goes.