Blog Migration (again!)

Recently a bunch of stuff came out, or got noticed, for students. That is, free stuff.

Here Github Education put together a collection of software and resources that’s now free for a period of time if you’re a student. One of the offers is $100 at DigitalOcean, a company that provide servers which you can install whatever you’d like on it.

I decided to migrate, probably because now that I’m back at uni, procrastinating by installing a bunch of stuff on a Linux box somewhere on the interwebs sounds like a fun thing to do, and exported all my blogs out of wordpress and moved them over.

Since I’ve recently started using things like Markdown and LaTeX, I thought I’d give Ghost a try: so far I’m pretty impressed, stuff just works and the editor is much more simple than wordpress. Things like commenting and media aren’t well supported, but overall me likey.