Arguing with Poppler and Qt on windows

I recently started a blog documenting how I’m packaging my FYP for windows and Mac OSes. As that should only be about the instructions, not specific packages I’m using, I decided to move the portion about Poppler and Qt over here, so here we go.

Installing PyQt

I had a long list of tips here because I thought you had to do this whole bit the same way as mac - install Qt, then PyQt, then whatever else you need from source. Turns out I completely missed the binary packages on the PyQt website:

Ran that and tried my PyQt4 GUI. Ran perfectly. Incidentally, I also found in my travels a script which does a lot of the conversion from PyQt4 to PyQt5 in a similar way to Python 2 to Python 3. It didn’t really work all that well with threads and signals to be honest, and my PyQt5 installation couldn’t find uic for some reason which I needed in order to load my guis from designer files.

Working with Poppler

Now that I have proof my gui works fine with windows, I’m back to the Poppler issue.