About me

Hey there! My name is Charlotte Godley. I'm a software engineer from Sheffield, UK currently living in the south. Some of the cool things I'm interested in:

CS Education

I'm a firm believer that most computer scientists end up finding out about it through luck, chance or who your parents are. This doesn't seem fair to me particularly as a minority, so I contribute by:

  • Attending Raspberry Pi events, volunteering to help people with workshops and talks
  • creating resources like my wearable workshop
  • Being a STEM ambassador, although I need to reregister
  • sending out good thoughts into the world

I've taken a step back from this recently because of finishing my degree and settling into work, but I'm always open to new projects I can contribute to so please give me a tweet if you'd like to talk about improving STEM and particularly tech education for the greater good.


I play a bunch of instruments. I'm usually on the look out for ways to combine this with software engineering, including my final year project

Public speaking and meetups

I've done bits and bobs of public speaking and I'm generally on the look out for more places to submit talks to + meet ups to attend to keep my skills sharp. Here's one I did last year: