New years day project - Travel mapping (again)

Around about summer of 2017 I tried to get going on making my side project, a travel planning app, slightly more professional. I learned how to use which is a great service for doing this sort of thing and started to try shifting from a database sqlite file I would change, upload and download from now to a managed or else better deployed service.

Go, revisited?

I’ve had a few people ask if I was ever going to add to my last blog post about my feelings on Go.

Go, month 1

Around 3 weeks ago I switched job, and am now wading my way through learning a new codebase, zfs and other storage systems, data science and as this blog post’s title would suggest, Go.

Tech Days Online

I was invited to speak about Container Orchestration at Microsoft Tech Days Online today. It was a lot of fun, there were some interesting points made and a good day overall. Thanks a lot to Gabriel for organising and for all the Microsoft cohort at the reactor for being so lovely all day :)

Laughing at failure

About 6 months ago I was working on a feature of our pipeline - deleting old resources. Just before I started the ticket, my colleague and I were discussing adding testing to our bash scripts, something that seemed daunting and painful to both of us. We pushed it under the rug and said “nah, let’s just try it and then see what happens”.